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Affiliate Program


 What is the Program?

The Jibeworks Affiliate Program is an opportunity for people to be a part of the Jibeworks brand and share in our mission. If you dig our products and are an advocate for the brand -- we want to equip and reward you.

Why join it?

Start earning commissions doing what you already do, by talking and sharing with your friends and followers.  It's easy, quick and fun.

How does the program work?

Our program is a way for you to earn CASH by placing referring links or banners on your site.  When a person clicks your link and purchases something at the Jibeworks store -- you get a portion of the sale.  Even better is that most often we provide you a coupon code so that people in your network save money.  You make money saving your people money - what is better than that?

How much can I make?

Make as much as you want, we like paying you.  Product sales receive a 5% commission which can add up pretty quick.

How do I know what I have sold and how do I get paid?

We us Omnistar for managing our program.  Simply create an account, get your own affiliate link and have access to our supporting content.  You can log into your Omnistar account at anytime and see how you are doing.  Approximately 30 days after a sale, you will will receive a payment through Omnistar (typically paypal).

Who can sign up?

Anyone can be a Jibeworks affiliate.  Get your buddy to sign up.