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  • Groove 4 Post Closed 45U
  • Light grain wood rails, card black uprights, grey gun side panels
  • Dark grain wood rails, card black uprights
  • Removable side panes, illusion red
  • Illusion money
  • Illusion money
  • Custom colors and finishes
  • Custom artwork

Groove 4 Post Rack Closed 45U

Colors in days, custom finishes in approximately 3 weeks

Product Description

The Groove four post rack both works great and can be customized to fit the look of your space. Four post racks, also called network racks or channel racks, are most often used to support light to medium weight equipment. Each rail has four groves that allow accessories to be slid into just the right spot -- making clean installations.  The grooves also make the rails stronger and stiffer than existing racks.  The horizontal rails and removable side panels provide a clean look that can be finished in your choice of colors.  Bring your brand to the Groove rack.



  • Patent pending "Grooves" allow for numerous accessories to be flexibly installed making an overall rack system
  • The "Grooves" make a stronger and stiffer rack than standard network racks
  • Customization makes the rack unique
  • Drilled and tapped for 10-32 holes, which means you can go to a local hardware store and get fasteners if needed



  • You can get this rack in any height or color.  
  • Standard holes are 10-32, but we can manufacture it with whatever threads and spacings you wish.   
  • We can also make customized "Groove" accessories for your applications.  
  • Custom artwork can be done on the side panels



  • Product Dimensions - 20.3 in wide x 84 in tall  x 24 in deep (36 inches with bottom flanges)
  • Heat treated aluminum steel horizontal rails and side panels
  • Fits all networking equipment up to 17.75 in wide and having EIA mounting holes
  • 10-32 EIA-310-D spaced mounting holes 
  • 5/8in floor mounting holes
  • Aluminum uprights with steel side rails and panels
  • Ships in a flat pack to save on shipping costs



  • Use a Flow rack for servers requiring square mounting holes


Jibeworks Drawing